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Food & wine & beer tours

Slovenian food & wine city walk in Ljubljana / 4 hours

from 40 eur

Food and drinks: Cold appetizer and wine that will open our appetite, warm appetizer with wine, traditional stew, pumpkin seed oil and wine, main course with wine, a selection of local spirits and brandies, desert with coffee or tea.
City Tour: Secession street, Preseren square, Triple bridge, Central market, Cathedral of St Nicholas, City hall, Robba’s fountain, Medieval part with Cobbler’s bridge and Congress square.

Slovenian food & beer city walk in Ljubljana / 4 hours

from 45 eur

Food and drinks: 7 different Slovenian beers, 4 representative Slovenian dishes that include various meat products, homemade pâté, cheeses, sausages, traditional kettle goulash and beer snacks
City Tour: Congress square with University of Ljubljana, National University Library, Medieval part with Cobbler’s bridge, City hall, Robba’s fountain, Cathedral of St Nicholas, Triple bridge, Preseren’s square, Seccesion street, Tivoli park