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Slovenia is a country quite popular among some, yet an undiscovered gem for many. It may be small in size but Slovenia is great in all that it has to offer.

No matter the Slovenia attractions, the traditions, history, and rich cultural heritage come to life in front of your eyes.

We’ve gathered a list of Slovenia tourist attractions, but the experience extends far beyond it. With our help, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Let this green European county lead you through the most memorable visit with hidden gems accompanied by a glass of rich wine.

LJUBLJANA, source Jacob Rigli

1.      Ljubljana – a green capital of Europe

Begin your trip in Ljubljana, which may not be the typical capital but this town attracts visitors to return again and again.

Located almost in the center of Slovenia, Ljubljana is a very convenient starting point for any kind of Slovenia travel experience. Being mid-sized European city with a green soul, it is still considered to be a secret gem of Europe that can please even more demanding visitors.

This unique capital has it all: a castle on a green hill that overlooks cobbled streets of the colorful city center. Visitors can admire the interesting architecture, sit in one of the vintage cafes, visit a vivid market with fresh fruits, flowers, and vegetables. For a full experience of this vibrant city hop on a wine tour or beer tour combined with a local cuisine and delicacies.

BOHINJ LAKE, source Tomo Jesenicnik

2.      Bled and Bohinj lakes – in the nest of the mountains

Bled and Bohinj lakes are considered gems even among the Slovenians. Located in the Northern alpine region of the country, they are easily accessible from Ljubljana.

For those endless romantics, Lake Bled is a must. Considered as one of the most popular Slovenia tourist attractions, it will not leave you indifferent. A perfect combination of a lake, an idyllic island with a small church, and a castle with a spectacular view of the region at dusk.

You can rent a boat and row on the lake yourself or take a trip with one of the traditional boats, provided by the locals. The area around the lake is flat so you can take a stroll and visit a famous Vila Bled, a hotel used regularly by the former president of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito.

Before you leave, make sure to try Bled cream cake, a symbol of Bled’s cuisine.

For those of you who are a bit more demanding and adventurous, Lake Bohinj will be exactly what you need. Surrounded by lush greenery that reflects in the crystal clear water of the lake, this is the gateway to the Triglav national park.

With an impressive backdrop of the Julian Alps, Lake Bohinj is a bit further away from the center of civilization, yet popular nonetheless. Eerie, mysterious, and tranquil, this is the ultimate location for all those who need to get away from stress and hectic lifestyle.

PREDJAMA CASTLE, source Bostjan Burger

3.      Postojna caves and Predjama castle – a walk through myths and legends

Looking for something that would stir your fantasy? Visit the Medieval tournaments and baby dragons!

Located just an hour from Ljubljana the world famous Postojna cave is home to baby dragons (actually, they are human fish, but who knows really) and impressive underground sculptures nature has built herself. Oh, and you won’t be doing it all on foot; part of the tour includes a train ride through the caves.

If you’re in for some legends and more impressive sights, there is a castle build in the solid rock above a valley just a few kilometers/miles away from Postojna.

Predjama castle, one of the most famous Slovenia attractions, is an amazing sight that even hosts a yearly Medieval Tournament. Visit the castle and let it take you away with its most famous legend of a rebel knight Erasem Lueger. The kids could definitely enjoy something like this and so may you!

SKOCJAN CAVES, source Jost Gantar

4.      Škocjan caves – spectacular natural underground caverns

Located in the heart of the Karst region, the Škocjan caves are on the UNESCO world heritage list.

These caves are one of the largest underground canyons there are. A tour through the caves leaves the visitors speechless with its spectacular views of the caves and the river.

The Škocjan caves are a natural phenomenon of great cultural significance; eerie and unusual but of extraordinary beauty, the caves can easily be in the same rank as some of the world’s most amazing sights. The area surrounding the caves has even developed its special ecosystem with a rare cave fauna.

PIRAN, source Ubald Trnkoczy

5.      Piran – a romantic getaway at the seaside

Romantic, Mediterranean, picturesque, this small but charming town is easily accessible from other coastal towns or the interior of the country.

Stroll along the cobbled streets to the Tartini square, observe the old colorful houses or head to one of the museums. You can also walk up to the Piran church which offers scenic views of a big part of Slovenian coast. On a clear sunny day, you can even see across the Adriatic to Italy.

If you’re on a tight schedule, combine this visit with other Slovenia attractions and check everything off your list in one go.

EMERALD SOCA RIVER, source Tomo Jesenicnik

6.      Soča river valley – a national pride of Slovenia

Step into a fairytale of this emerald river with vivid luscious forests surrounding you in every step of the way. With a bloody history of the First World War, the Soča river valley is nowadays one of very popular Slovenia travel destinations.

Visitors can choose between many activities ranging from adrenaline sports, hiking trails, homemade cheese tasting, and historical memorials, trails, and museums.

Descriptions and poems, dedicated to the Soča river can only do it so much justice. To properly experience its beauty, a visit is mandatory.


7.      Velika Planina plateau – an authentic experience in the herdsmen village

Less than an hour away from Ljubljana lies Velika Planina, which literally translates to Big Pasture. Think rich cultural and a traditional experience, combined with a culinary tradition is the embrace of the stunning natural surroundings.

Nowadays the herdsmen settlement is one of the very few that still remain in Europe. You can stroll around, explore the wild caves or have a sip of sour milk or some homemade cheese accompanied by a homemade stew or a traditional herdsmen meal.

Velika Planina plateau is easily accessible by a cable car. The easiest way to visit it is by booking a tour and prepare to relax your mind and body surrounded by the idyllic wooden herdsmen huts and breathtaking sunsets.

LOGAR VALLEY, source Ales Fevzer

8.      Logar valley national park

Considered one of the most beautiful Alpine glacial valleys in Europe, the Logar valley is located among peaceful meadows with the mighty Alps rising in the background.

The Logar valley, a total of 7 kilometers, has been declared a natural park due to its many natural points of interest, a waterfall Rinka being one of the most important ones.

This stunning valley has become one of the very popular Slovenia attractions among the tourists and locals equally. It’s an excellent starting point for day trips, hiking trips, etc. Everyone can enjoy the tranquil and peaceful surroundings of the valley, even families and those who prefer a more relaxing getaway.

IDRIJA, source Samo Trebizan

9.      Idrija – a hidden gem of Slovenia

Idrija is a small town in a valley, well-hidden from the rest of Slovenia. Even though it may not be one of the easiest Slovenia attractions to reach, the town has nonetheless a lot to offer to its visitors; the famous dumplings are just one of the culinary specialties on your to-do list.

Another gem on the UNESCO’s list, Idrija can show you numerous attractions you can’t find elsewhere. Take a peek at the depths and the history of a mercury mine, once a second largest producer of mercury.

Another well-established yet beautiful tradition that supplements Idrija’s rich history is a bobbin lace, nowadays known as the Idrija Lace with its origins dating more than three centuries into the history. There is a permanent exhibition at the Idrija castle available, which is worth visiting also for the castle itself.

Last but not least, we choose the Wild Lake, one of the mysterious natural attractions which is also considered as a first Slovenian museum in nature. Its emerald colors, reflecting the trees surrounding the lake stun the visitors every time.

PTUJ, source Jost Gantar

10.      Ptuj and Jeruzalem – colorful vineyards with a rich history

In the idyllic region of green hills dotted with vineyards lie two scenic towns that offer much more than meets the eye.

The town Ptuj is the oldest town in Slovenia. It is topped by a grand castle that offers spectacular views of the river Drava and the rest of the region, which offers a wide selection of wines and culinary specialties. Ptuj wine cellar is also the oldest wine cellar in Slovenia; stroll through its halls and learn more about the winemaking and its history.

But Ptuj is most famous for its rich carnival festival, which makes up a large part of the town’s identity. Every February a flood of typical masks, colors, impressions, horned and cloaked figures dressed in traditional clothing, take the streets. Celebrating crowds roam the streets of Ptuj for a whole week. These typical masks or Korants are impressive creatures that provide a unique experience to both locals and tourists alike.

On the other hand, a small yet tranquil and colorful village of Jerusalem is rich in history, wines, winding roads, culinary specialties, and cultural heritage.

The Romans brought the vines but the locals perfected the art of wine-making, turning the region into one of the most well-known Slovenia attractions. The area was a muse and an inspiration to many Slovenian artists from poets to painters not just because of the wine but the countryside itself.

If you’re on a tight schedule, you can actually visit both towns in just one go with a short 9-day tour.

MIRAMARE CASTLE, source National Geographic

11.      Trieste and Miramare – a jump to Italy

Trieste and the surrounding area was once a shopping Mecca for many Slovenians; while the tradition of shopping in Italy is still popular, this Adriatic port city has much more to offer. Placed on the coast with a beautiful natural landscape in the background, Trieste makes an easy addition as a day trip in your Slovenia travel itinerary.

Being the most international city in the region, Trieste has diverse architectural styles and rich history. Most importantly, Trieste is also an interesting destination for those who adore coffee since it has been proclaimed a European capital of coffee.

If you wish to escape the buzzing streets of Trieste, full of people enjoying their gelato, head over to a small white fairy-tale like castle Miramare on the outskirts of Trieste. A romantic sight that glows beautifully in the colors of the Adriatic sunset, this castle was once owned by Hapsburgs. With an adjoining garden, visitors can relax in the shade of one of the many tall pine trees.

You are welcome to visit Slovenia! Others who have already been here, are returning again and again. It is truly a piece of paradise in Central Europe.

Your team!