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About us

About us – Go To Slovenia Travel


Our home is in Slovenia

In the heart of Europe! Since forever, Slovenia has been a crossroad, an inspiring and interesting junction in Europe, where you can find influences of neighboring countries; Austria, Italy, Croatia, and Hungary.

Slovenia is a connection! Here, geographical regions of Alps, Mediterranean, Balkan Peninsula, and Pannonian plane meet.

So much to see! Beautiful nature, mountains, lakes, rivers, green forests and Slovenia’s perfect climate with four seasons form a perfect combination.

Slovenian identity! Folk tradition and rich history of the area and most important: people – Slovenes – you will love us: we are warm-hearted, hospitable people, hardworking and proud of our land.

A need to offer what travelers demand!

Go To Slovenia Travel was created for you – a traveler who wants to visit Slovenia in the right way.

We have the know how! We created a selection of programs that are based on years of experience; ours – working as Tour directors in the region (Alps, Mediterranean, Balkan Peninsula, and Pannonian plane) since 2001 and more importantly, our travelers’ feedback – respected, precious and demanding opinion. Thank you, our travelers!

We listened and we learned! “We should stay longer in Slovenia” is one of the most common things people say when leaving Slovenia. “This is where I want to live” is what we heard so many times. “I love the vibe of Ljubljana” is another one. The list goes on and one day the idea broke out and became The best travel company in Slovenia.

Confidence is what we have! Based on experience, precious connections with other participles in our tourism story and the fact that Slovenia is our homeland – a place we know best. Slovenia is a surprise for visitors! A pleasant one.

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Company info

Full company name: OAK & CARTER, potovalna agencija, d.o.o.

Abbreviated name: OAK & CARTER d.o.o.

Headquarter: Gospodinjska ulica 8, 1000 Ljubljana

Phone: +386 41 677 030


TAX number: SI52554180

Registration number: 8146527000

Chamber of Commerce license: 1952, 1953


IBAN: SI 56 1010 0005 6564 866

BANK NAME: Banka Intesa SanPaolo d.d.

BANK ADRESS: Pristaniska ulica 14, 6502 Koper