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Find and Touch Your roots in Slovenia!

find your roots in slovenia

Find your family’s past in Slovenia!

I bet we all want to find our roots. If your ancestors come from Slovenia, we can help you find Your roots, we can try to trace your family tree in Slovenia and you will be able to learn more about your family history in Slovenia. Your genealogy in Slovenia starts here!

Family ancestry in Slovenia

Roots research remains somewhat of a novelty in much of the world, also in Slovenia, but there is such a wonderful satisfaction in working out our own family stories. Each record we find represents something seemingly insignificant, but sometimes these events were life-changing experiences for our ancestors and therefore for us.

A bonus! Get Your Own Personalised Story!

Get your PERSONALISED STORY about your family’s background. What makes us different and unique? We put your family’s crucial moments into an actual period of time when important changes happened to your ancestors in the past.

A well-coordinated team of SLOVENIAN HISTORIANS will bring to life social, economic, political, historical and geographical situation of a certain time in your family’s past. Based on the findings, you will get a short but PERSONALISED STORY ABOUT YOUR FAMILY’S BACKGROUND.

“Family… like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one”

Touch your roots with a help of your friend in Slovenia, Go To Slovenia Travel team

Start finding your roots with our help! Find out who your ancestors were, how they lived and what they did.

Visit Slovenia with our help and TOUCH YOUR ROOTS!


What you can do now?

Start with what you know and we will help you discover the rest. You can send us an email at

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we will send you our FREE 3 STEP GUIDE  that will lead you through your personal “Find your roots treasure hunt”

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3 step guide “Find Your roots treasure hunt” starts like this:

Step 1

Treasure hunt at home

  • We suggest focusing your hunt in the attic, basement, and drawers where photos, documents, and personal correspondence may be stored. Items with dates, old pictures, military records, diplomas, report cards, diaries, postcards, and letters…

Talk to your other relatives

  • The family histories…

Be social…

Step 2…

Step 3…

    Don’t forget that we are here for you! We understand how important it is for you to find and touch your roots in Slovenia. With exclusive records and expert guidance, there’s no better resource for researching your family history in Slovenia. Let our historians help you.

    How long is it going to take?

    The farther back you go, the more ancestors you have, so it could be a never-ending game. This is your own personal history mystery. You don’t want the book to ever end. You can quit at your great-great-grandparents, but I bet you won’t. There’s always another ancestor to chase and another home place to see.

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    or book a hotel room and come to see your ancestors homeland. Warm welcome!