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Terms and Conditions

Oak & Carter d.o.o. – General Terms and Conditions in organizing tourist arrangements

General terms and Conditions are an integral part of the contract, signed between Oak & Carter d.o.o (holder of the brand Go To Slovenia Travel) or authorized agency and the traveller, who signs up for the selected tourist program. If there are additional conditions, provisions or changes, that are listed in the program, then those statements, written in the program, are valid (applicable).


The client is responsible for making all payments due to us as referred to in clause 2 below. Once we have received your booking and all appropriate payments, we will, subject to availability, confirm your holiday by sending a Booking Confirmation and Invoice to the client.
Everyone going on holiday must check all documents (including the Booking Confirmation and Invoice) carefully. Contact us immediately if any information which appears on any document appears to be incorrect or incomplete as it may not be possible to make changes later. Please note: none of the advertised holiday prices published in our brochures or on our website includes flights. Please check at the time of booking.
A customer can apply for a tourist arrangement, organized by the Oak & Carter d.o.o. through the internet or at its tourist office or an authorized agency. For this purpose, Oak & Carter d.o.o. and the customer enters into a contract, which is also a confirmation of the booking and contains information about the traveller’s tourist package or it refers to the arrangement program where the information is given. When booking, the traveller is responsible for all the information and the documents required by the travel program. In case that client (when booking) does not provide the correct and true personal and other required data, the client is responsible for all costs or consequences arising out of erroneous information. Traveler’s booking is binding. It may be waived only in accordance with the provisions of the travellers’ trip cancellation referred to in these Terms and Conditions. For binding expressions (registrations), in addition to explicit written application or a signed contract is also considered each order, transmitted orally or in writing, containing the name and surname of the client and other participants, credit card number or other payment instrument identification, which indicates that the client conveyed a binding registration or an application, containing any of the specified data. While booking, a customer signs a reservation contract (registration form). In this way, all that is stated in these Terms and Conditions or the conditions of the responsible organizer, becomes a legal liability, both for the customer and for the organizer, if any such booking based on inquiry is confirmed by the responsible organizer. The program of the trip is an integral part of the contract. In the event of discrepancies between the contract terms and program for which the customer applies, conditions of the program are applicable (valid). In case that there are changes in the implementation of the program or changes in transport, clients shall immediately be informed of that in writing, no later than 7 days prior to departure and that is when the new conditions for the execution of the voyage are applied (valid). In accordance with the Law of Obligations, clients can respond to program change. Oak & Carter d.o.o. does not accept responsibility for changes to the program due to the occurrence of any force majeure. In these cases, Oak & Carter d.o.o. can ensure clients services in a modified form, according to the existing options. In the event that Oak & Carter d.o.o. cancels the travel, the client has the right to reimbursement of the price paid for the arrangement. In the event of cancellation by the Oak & Carter d.o.o., the client is not entitled to reimbursement of the cost of the visa required for entry into the country, which is to be travelled. Oak & Carter d.o.o. is not responsible for the delay of aircraft, ships or trains, as well as for program changes that would occur as a result of such delays. In the event that on the spot there is no option for traveller accommodation at the commissioned tourist facility, Oak & Carter d.o.o. can accommodate clients in the same place in another facility of same or higher category.


A deposit of 30% of holiday cost (or as stated in the travel program) must be paid on completion of booking or the full amount if the booking is made within 30 days of departure. The balance of the holiday price must be received by us not less than 30 days prior to departure.
The booking is not accepted until the date shown on the confirmation invoice is issued by the Company. If the booking is not accepted the deposit will be refunded. Alteration or cancellation by a customer of an accepted booking will be subject to the provisions of section 8 of these conditions.
Payment is possible with bank transfer (bank costs have to be paid by client) or via Credit card (VISA, American Express, Mastercard) or Paypal.
The date of payment is the day on which customer makes the payment in Oak & Carter d.o.o. or an authorized agency or when Oak & Carter d.o.o. receives a payment to the bank account. When registering, customers must make advance payments of 30% of the price (or as stated in the travel program). Customers must pay the rest 30 days before the program starts.
When the customer’s travel package is booked by the authorized travel agency, all provisions of this section are also applicable to the authorized travel agency.

Sales via the Internet or Telephone sales of tourist packages

In the case of tourist packages sales over the Internet or telephone, the contract shall be deemed to have been concluded in the case of an agreement of payment with the order for payment or any other payment by forwarding personal data of the customer and other participants. In this case, the customer is obliged to pay 30% deposit upon receipt of payment within 5 days of the executed application, unless otherwise specified or agreed longer or shorter period. In the event that customer does not pay within this period, it shall be deemed that a contract has not been concluded and the service was never commissioned. It is considered that the customer has accepted the provisions of these general terms and offer the moment the phone or internet order of tourist arrangement or travel has been made. In the case of a commission and/or sales of tourist package or travel via the Internet, these general terms and instructions for package tours, that are available on our website, are valid.


Prices of travel arrangements are set by the travel program or tourist arrangement and are valid from the date of publication of the program. Oak & Carter d.o.o. reserves the right to change the prices in the program, if there is a change in currency exchange rates or a change in the rates of transporters (carriers), which affects the cost of travel, in accordance with the law governing the obligations and regulations in force in the Republic of Slovenia. The customer is informed of the possible change in travel price by Oak & Carter d.o.o.  no later than 20 days prior to departure (in writing). If the agreed price increase exceeds ten percent, the customer may withdraw from the contract without having to pay damages and shall have the right to get back what he/she paid the organizer. Prices are in EUR (euro). Oak & Carter d.o.o. can set the tourist arrangement price in the program, while explicitly stating that the price may increase if the certain number of customers will apply or other precisely defined conditions appear. The customer applies at the optimal (lower) price, but is made aware (in writing) and irrevocably agrees with the changed fee and the additional payment of the difference between optimal and minimal participation of passengers. In case a small number of clients applies for the tourist arrangement, the customer is notified of the changed conditions (in writing) at least 21 days prior to departure. The customer can also withdraw from the new price of the program. Oak & Carter d.o.o. can determine in the program that the traveller pays for services that are performed on the spot and in a manner that is stated (anticipated) in the program. In this case, Oak & Carter d.o.o. does not act as an organizer, not a broker, but mere informant. In this case, the customer makes all reclamation claims solely from the service contractor on the spot. These are all the services that are usually not included in the price of arrangement and are listed for information on individual preferences (special meals, entrance fees, …) or they require additional charges according to the program (visas, airport taxes, SR …), so the customer pays for them separately. Client expresses a desire for additional or special services at registration (application) and is charged at the price arrangement. During the travel, the customer is charged for specific services by tour leader or representative of Oak & Carter d.o.o., in the place where the service is provided and in the relevant currency. Potential benefits and discounts are mutually exclusive and are not cumulative. If more discounts are estimated, the client can choose the discount that suits him/her the best.
All the prices include VAT.

Services included in the price arrangement

If not otherwise specified in the program, the price of the arrangement includes transport, accommodation and catering services listed in the tour program, as well as travel arrangements, VAT and basic accident insurance. If not otherwise specified in the program, prices of each tourist package are per person, for accommodation in standard double rooms, with no guarantee views, balconies, etc. and they only offer a basic living standard. If the customer desires an accommodation of three persons in one room, clients are reminded that the third bed is an extra in the room and therefore not always equivalent to the basic bed, but the price of the travel remains the same. That way we are enabling the customer to avoid the extra charge for a single room. If there are some specialities, they are listed in the price list of each country. Food, comfort and other offer are under the control of local tourist organizations. Standards of tourist offers among selected targets/destinations are different and incomparable. Food also is adapted to local habits.

Transport vehicles and the sizes of the groups on scheduled public multiday tours

On scheduled multiday public tours the number of travellers in the group can change during the tour. The number of travellers depends on which program has certain clients booked. Oak & Carter d.o.o. reserve the right of joining two or more different tour programs into one tour program if some of the days of the programs are the same. In this case, two or more groups are combined into one group.
Depending on the number of participants in the group size of the vehicle can change. If the size of the group is smaller than 8, the program will be carried by driver/guide in 9 seater van. If the size of the group is bigger than 8, the program will be carried by tour leader/tour guide in a minibus (up to 16 travellers) or regular big bus (up to 26 travellers) with the professional bus driver. During the program, clients can expect different vehicles (van, minibus or normal size bus) depending on the size of the group participating in the program on that day.
All written above does not apply to private group tours.

Additional services and charge

Special services are those services that are not included in the price of arrangement (single room, special diet/food, additional trips) or the program states (anticipates) additional charges for them (visas, etc.), so the customer has to pay for them separately unless otherwise specified in the program. If there are special or additional services available in an individual arrangement, the customer makes an additional payment (for those services) to the price of arrangement at the time of application on the application site. The number of clients, that is necessary for the implementation of the trip is stated in the program. The individual registered customer will be charged an additional payment for the 1/1 room (at application).

Customer cancellation or travel change

Should you or any member of your party need to cancel your chosen tourist arrangement once it has been confirmed, the party leader must immediately advise us in writing by recorded delivery post or email. Your notice of cancellation will only be effective when it is received in writing by us at our offices. If we receive your notice of cancellation 60 days or more before departure, we will retain only bank costs for your deposit (We will return all amounts paid or due at the time of booking (except bank costs) in respect of any flight(s) you have booked-flight tickets cannot be canceled and will be charged in full amount). If we receive it less than 60 days before departure, the following charges will be payable per person cancelling: NB The charges set out below are shown as a percentage of the total cost of the tourist arrangement * payable by the customer cancelling excluding insurance premiums and any amendment charges. Insurance premiums and amendment charges are not refundable in the event of the clients to whom they apply cancelling.
Return policy for Go to Slovenia Travel (Oak & Carter d.o.o.) private or public group programs:
– In case of cancellation 60 days or longer before departure, the cancellation fee is the cost of Bank and transaction costs.
– In case of cancellation 59-45 days before departure, the cancellation fee is 10% of total price.
– In case of cancellation 44-30 days before departure, the cancellation fee is 40% of total price.
– In case of cancellation 29-15 days before departure, the cancellation fee is 70% of total price.
– In case of cancellation 14-5 days before departure, the cancellation fee is 90% of total price.
– In case of cancellation between 4 days and the day of departure, the cancellation fee is 100% of total price.
– Non-shows will not be refunded.
NOTE: In case of private tour travel (closed groups), the price of the tour (per person) for the other clients may increase in case some members of the tour are cancelling it.
If any member of clients’ party is prevented from travelling, the person concerned may transfer their place to someone else (introduced by you) providing the following requirements are complied with. We must be notified of the transfer in writing by giving full details of the original and substitute party member not less than two weeks before departure. 

Travel documents

Customer who book for travel abroad, must have a valid individual passport or some other valid and adequate personal identification document, with which client can enter individual country. In case certain countries condition the entry to the country with a special document (visa), clients must acquire these documents before the travel or up to the date, stated in the program. Clients who are not residents of the EU must acquire all the necessary documents, required by the countries of the travel destination and the ones they cross when travelling. The underage clients need to acquire all the necessary documentation for the border crossing of the underage passengers. In the case that some countries condition the entry to the country with a specified period of time validity of the travel document before the expiry of that validity on the date of entry, the client is required to pay attention to these terms alone. Oak & Carter d.o.o. warns the clients of this condition in the notice of departure (in a written form), but shall not be liable for potential complications or forced termination of the client’s travel. Due to the requirements of international passenger transport (air, ship, bus …), the clients are required to provide all necessary information at registration about all the travel participants, that he is registering. All data must fully match the data in the official documents, which are required to be carried with by the participants in accordance with the rules of crossing the state border and the relevant foreign legislative acts. In the event that erroneous data cause delays, additional costs or interruption of the travel, the customer is responsible for all costs incurred by the travel participants. In case of refusal of entry into the country or other obstacles, client shall bear all costs.

Notifications prior to departure

The customer receives a final notice no later than 5 days prior to departure. If a client is not notified within this period, Oak & Carter d.o.o. politely asks the client to contact and inform Oak & Carter d.o.o. about it. The damage that would result from the client or the applicant giving an incomplete or incorrect address for the purpose of fulfilment of referral/voucher or contract, shall be borne by the client.

Foreign exchange and customs regulations

The client, travelling abroad, is required to comply with all foreign exchange and customs regulations. If the client is prohibited to continue the travel due to an offence, the client alone shall bear all the consequences and costs incurred in doing so.

Cancellation or modification of the program

Oak & Carter d.o.o. (based on the applicable legal regulations) reserves the right to cancel the trip no later than seven (7) days prior to departure. Otherwise, the minimum number of persons in the particular means of transport is as follows:
 – Traveling by public multi-day program less than 6 persons. In the case that less than 6 persons are applied for the certain program, clients will be given a choice via email between:
a. extra cost of the program
b. the client will be suggested to participate in some other date or different program
c. money refund
Oak & Carter d.o.o. reserves the right to full or partial withdrawal from the contract, in case that exceptional circumstances occur before or during the trip, that could not have been expected, removed or avoided. Oak & Carter d.o.o. reserves the right to change the date and time of departure on a trip in the case of force majeure, as well as the right to change the direction of travel when traveling conditions change, such as new timetable, uncertain situation in the country where the program is organized, natural disasters or other unforeseen causes, which can not be influenced. Without any compensation, and under current regulations in passenger traffic, Oak & Carter d.o.o. is not responsible for changes to the program due to the occurrence of force majeure during the course of the program. Clients can be provided with services in a modified form only in special circumstances but within the agreed place and in the same or higher category, while the costs remain the same for the customer. In case that Oak & Carter d.o.o. cancels the travel, the customer has the right to a full refund of the price paid for a tourist arrangement, which should be travelled. Oak & Carter d.o.o. notifies clients about any changes in the program before departure. The final schedule of sightseeing tour is determined on the trip so that the program is consistent with the best weather and schedules for sightseeing. Oak & Carter d.o.o. is not responsible for the delay of airplanes, ships or trains, and also not for the forced changes of the program as a result of such delays.

Complaints and appeals

The client is obliged to file a claim within two months from the date the service was improperly carried out. In the event that a client misses the statutory deadline for filing a complaint, Oak & Carter d.o.o.  does not address the content of the complaint. Without a written complaint the requests for price reductions, compensation and other claims are not addressed. Customers should send a written complaint to Oak & Carter d.o.o., Gospodinjska ulica 8, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia. The complaint must be signed and it can be filed by each client on his / her own behalf or the client can authorize a third party (in writing) for this purpose. The authorization must be enclosed with the complaint, otherwise Oak & Carter d.o.o. will not consider such a complaint. The claim must be substantiated. Clients should, therefore, enclose appropriate evidence or equivalent proof of the actual facts, on which the client makes the claim, from a hotelier, transporter or other adequate persons. The client is requested to inform in writing any irregularities or deficiencies during the tourist arrangement contract period on the spot or to an authorized representative. In case that after judging the content of complaint, it is found that the complaint could have been resolved on the spot (for example, lack of cleanliness, equipment, location, etc.), and the client did not complain about it on the spot and failed to report the irregularities to the above-mentioned persons, it shall be deemed that the client has agreed to such service and has thus lost the right to file a subsequent claim by requiring a lower price of services or payment of damages. Oak & Carter d.o.o. is obliged to respond for the first time in writing to the client in eight days after a complaint is received, and should give a definite response within a reasonable period required to obtain information about the cause of the complaint or the time required to obtain information from third parties in accordance with the 892. an article of Code of Obligations. As long as the organizer does not give a decision, the client is asked not to forward the complaint to another person, judicial institutions and not to provide information to the media and other audiences/public. If by the fault of Oak & Carter d.o.o. a program or certain services are not carried out, the client has the right to compensation in the amount of the real value of services that were not carried out. This provision does not apply in the event that the Oak & Carter d.o.o. is entitled to terminate the arrangement or make changes to the program, in accordance with the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions and the law.

Classification of accommodation facilities

Classification of accommodation facilities in Oak & Carter d.o.o. programs are marked with a number of stars or category of objects. Facilities in each category are classified by the law of the country (that is valid (in force) at the time of issue of the program), in which they are located; they are not categorized by Oak & Carter d.o.o., therefore Oak & Carter d.o.o. is not responsible / liable for them, except when specifically indicated, that this is an estimate of Oak & Carter d.o.o. Standards of tourist offers among selected destinations/targets are different and incomparable.

Sales and intervention arrangements

Oak & Carter d.o.o. can be a mediator in concluding the contract for services in programs of other organizers. This is not acting as an organizer, but only as an intermediary. In such cases, Oak & Carter d.o.o. is responsible for information and communication. Oak & Carter d.o.o. transfers information, received from the organizer, to the customer. All programs, where Oak & Carter d.o.o.  acts as an intermediary, are specifically indicated. Oak & Carter d.o.o. is stated as an intermediary on the form/voucher. Terms of registration, payment and possible cancellation of travel are in accordance with the valid terms of the organizer. Any complaint is resolved by tour organizer. Oak & Carter d.o.o. can intervene in solving the complaint or assist the client or organizer in mediation.


The prices of the travel arrangements, unless differently stated in the program, including basic accident insurance, yet they do not include health insurance, which means that the clients are responsible for taking care of their own insurance. When travelling abroad it is recommended to get the health insurance with global coverage.

Not included in the price

Passports: visas; tips to your tour director, local guides and tour driver; laundry; beverages, food not on the regular table d’hote menu (these extra items will be billed to the client before leaving the hotel or restaurant); mini bar in hotels; optional excursions; and other items of personal nature.


A traveller can bring on tour 1 big size luggage (76 cm x 54 cm x 28 cm/ 30’’x 21’’ x 11’’and 23kg/50 lbs max). We are unable to accept a second suitcase or any luggage exceeding these limits.
Oak & Carter d.o.o.  is not responsible for lost or damaged baggage. Client (himself/herself) should report lost or damaged baggage to the transporter (carrier) or hotel. In air transport, the airline company is responsible for luggage, based on the regulations in force in the international air passenger traffic. In case of lost luggage, a passenger should fill out airline’s PIR form and hand over the completed form to the airline representative (with a copy retained for himself/herself). Based on the form, the airline pays a client a compensation according to the regulations in force in international passenger traffic. Oak & Carter d.o.o. is not responsible for theft or damage of the client’s baggage or other personal belongings, valuables and documents from the accommodation facilities (hotels, apartments etc..) and means of transport (airplanes, buses, ships, etc..).

Loss of documents

If the client, while travelling, loses the documents or the documents are stolen, but they are required to continue the journey or return home, the client must provide new documents at his / her own expense. In arranging the formalities relating to documents, the manager or representative of the travel agency may be of assistance. However, if a client has to interrupt the travel because of lost/stolen travel documents, the client shall not be entitled to a proportional refund of a paid travel.

Use of data

Oak & Carter d.o.o. protects all data on clients in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection. It is considered that the client agrees to the use of this data for statistical purposes and to inform, with the signing of the contract.

Final premises

All the prices of Oak & Carter d.o.o. programs include value added tax (VAT). By making a booking every customer gives Oak & Carter d.o.o. his permission to use the photographs and videos made on the travel (the photographs and videos could include every customer) in promotional and commercial intentions. Oak & Carter d.o.o. does not take any responsibility for the behaviour of clients and damage that clients would cause during the travel. In the event of dispute between Oak & Carter d.o.o. and the client the legal procedure is in competence of the court in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Oak & Carter d.o.o. does not take responsibility for eventual errors in the promotional material (catalogues, leaflets and websites). These general terms and conditions replace all the previously issued general terms and conditions.