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How fast can you live?

The world is spinning. Our lives are turning around so fast! Wake up, run to your work, do more than it’s written in your job description, eat you lunch while doing something for your work/planning something for your kids on your smart phone/tablet, grab a coffee and drink it on the go, rush home, pick your kids, cook lunch/dinner, quick workout, learn how to read fast, prove to the world that you are a superhuman. There’s always a rush! And no real time for you and your family!

We are engaged in constant fast-forward motion whereby we are often overscheduled, stressed and rushing towards the next task. This rushing is not restricted to our work environment. We rush our food, our family time and even our recreation.

What we really need, to feel comfort?

According to slow movement, we need connection – real connection to people, ourselves, our family, our community, our friends, we need a connection to food, to the place where we are and to life.
Slow movement is gaining momentum, as more and more people recognise their discomfort at the fast pace and disconnected nature of their lives.

What is slow travel?

It is something similar to what Julia Roberts’ character experienced in the movie Eat Pray Love. She experienced a local way of life. One of the defining elements of slow travel is the opportunity to become part of local life and to connect to a place and its people. Slow travel is also about the connection to culture.

Why is Slovenia the best destination for slow travel?

There are at least three reasons why Slovenia is listed among slow travel destinations; Slovenians are connected to their food, Slovenia is small and very walkable and You have plenty things to do on your day off. Being a Slovenian myself, I can tell you first hand.

1. We are connected to our food

and we cook at home on daily bases.

I live in Ljubljana, where Saturday morning visit to a farmer’s market is one of the best things to do. You don’t only buy local products but you meet people from your community, go for a coffee and catch up on what is going on. In Slovenia, most people grow their own veggies and some fruit in their backyard. Backyard veggie gardens are the norm, not the exception. You don’t need to own a house to have a backyard veggie garden, lots of people, my parents among them, rent their plot of a garden and grow veggies and fruits. Many people buy milk, cheese, butter and cream from the nearby farm.

I always encourage visitors to join locals on farmers’ market and taste fresh products. Don’t be surprised when fresh cottage cheese or strawberries will be handed to you to try it while strolling around farmer’s market.

2. Slovenia is small and very walkable.

Slovenia is half the size of Switzerland and almost exactly the size of Wales or Massachusetts.

Ljubljana is basically a pedestrian zone and like this, very stress-free city. Imagine living in a city that has a feel of the metropolis but is still a small town. You don’t need to use any motor run vehicle in the city, you can do everything on foot or if you prefer, you can rent a bike at Bicikelj. We even offer a free, electrical golf cart like, ride by Kavalir. Other places of interest in Slovenia, like Bled – Alpine resort, Bovec – Slovenian adrenaline capital, Postojna with Postojna cave etc. Those places are less than an hour away, which is also the point of slow travel – to explore the vicinity of your stay.

3. You can have a day off too, if you want to.

Because we are really into slow travel movement we created a program that offers free day/s in Bled – Alpine resort. Check out how you can be a creator of your time!

If you prefer to visit Ljubljana and really stay in Ljubljana, check out Classic Slovenia in 3 days or Classic Slovenia in 5 days, both with a base in Ljubljana 4* hotel.
If you have more time on your hand and would like to see the wider area without running from one place to another (which is a big no-no for slow travel movement) check out our Tours in Europe and you will see that we take time to actually unpack for more than just a day or two. All long tours include at least 3-night stay in Ljubljana.

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The world is here for you to feel it

The world goes round and round,
and up and down,
it never seems to stop.
if you were to gaze,
at its beauty,
and wonder, marvel at its creation.
You’d see,
and undoubtedly agree:
the world isn’t really a thing of beauty,
it’s just there.

By Alex, England