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We know what you need! Honestly, we’ve been there. You’re interested in 10 day European vacation packages. With zero stress, right? Do you also want Europe trip packages and best European tours for seniors? You’ve come to the right place!

Choosing a holiday destination can be a tough cookie. We love to travel and we understand that prioritizing between different destinations is always a pain!

That’s why we created multi city 10 day European vacation packages to help you decide. We understand the love for travel and the need to completely unwind!

Read on to find the best Europe has to offer. But be warned: it’s not what you expect!

10 day European vacation packages

When you open a Europe map, the endless possibilities open up before you. You want to go somewhere you’ve never been before. Apart from Scandinavia because it’s so cold there. And you want to skip Greece because you’ve been there already. Well, you love the coffee of Italy, but Germany is a bit too serious.

Well, what if we told you that you can get only the best of undiscovered Europe and go back home with breathtaking photos, lovely souvenirs, and memories that will last you a lifetime? Jump to the next chapter before reading all about the amazing tours that await!

Who are 10 day European vacation packages for?

Let’s put it this way. Planning your holiday is a strategic and sometimes a tiring process. But if you’re looking for the best European tours 2019, look no further.

Our top 4 multi city Europe vacation packages are not for those looking for the usual destinations everyone goes to. If you want to see the Eiffel tower, dine in a futuristic restaurants of London, and discover ancient French vineyards, you’ve come to the wrong place. All of these definitely deserve a visit (we know, we’ve been there), but we have something different in mind for you.

Our packages are for those of you who are looking for something off the beaten track, yet not completely adventurous. No, we don’t suggest you hunt your own dinner, sleep above canyons, and find your way reading the stars and old maps.

But, if you want to discover secret gems of Europe, not yet overflown with crowds of tourists, places that whisper history and tales into your ears, amazing beauty of nature that leaves you breathless with pristine and friendly people, you’ve come to the right place. You can have all of it, packed in a vacation, where you can relax, unwind, and let someone else do the work for you.  

Are you ready for a special treat you won’t refuse so easily? Let’s take you for a short ride across the slightly undiscovered gems of Europe.

Venice to Dubrovnik in 10 days

Dubrovnik, pearl of Adriatic

Are you ready to embrace the vivid colors of the Adriatic coast? To travel from vivid Italy, visit the secrets of Slovenia, and end up in magnificent Croatia?

This tour brings you the best of the best you can imagine on a 10 days Europe tour package. When preparing for your holiday and making your Europe trip itinerary (10 days), these are the places that will eventually end up on your list.

Because they are simply amazing. But we’ve made it easier for you, bringing you only the best trip ideas, packages in vacation packages difficult to refuse.

Europe trip itinerary 10 days

Have a look at the full itinerary (10 days) here, but just to give you an idea of the places you’ll visit, here’s a short itinerary:

  • Day 1: Venice –Ljubljana
  • Day 2:  Ljubljana (Bled and Bohinj day trip)
  • Day 3: Ljubljana (Postojna cave with Predjama castle day trip)
  • Day 4: Ljubljana (day trip to Škocjan caves and Piran)
  • Day 5: Ljubljana – Zagreb
  • Day 6:  Zagreb – Plitvice lakes national park
  • Day 7: Trogir – Split –Dubrovnik
  • Day 8: Dubrovnik city tour
  • Day 9: Dubrovnik – Montenegro (otional)
  • Day 10: Dubrovnik tour ends

Why Venice Dubrovnik tour:

  • Visit 4 countries (Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro)
  • Stress-free
  • Local guides
  • Smaller groups (up to 26 people)
  • Modern transportation
  • High-quality wine and beer tasting
  • Not physically demanding

From sights on USECO world heritage site list, to walking tours in Dubrovnik, Zagreb, and Ljubljana’s old town, this multi-city tour enables you to experience the best of the Adriatic and see all the important highlights you’ve had on your bucket list for a long time: lake Bled, city walls of Dubrovnik, bay of Kotor, Julian Alps, breathtaking scenery of Slovenia and Croatia, subterranean world with dark and deep canyons and caves. We could go on. With our guided tour, you can easily do it all in 10 days!

Vienna to Budapest in 10 days (plus 1)

Buda castle in Budapest, Hungary

Okay, now you’ll say: but I’m looking for 10 day European vacation packages. Yes, we know. But we wanted to squeeze an extra day into your Europe itinerary in case you have a day to spare. Because you’ll track the old European royalty from day 1 until we shake hands and say goodbye.

Enter proud and glorious Vienna in Austria, pass through shy Slovenia and remains of old kingdoms, and end up in Budapest, Hungary, where all the glory and wealth shine bright beneath the summer skies!

Are you ready for a kingly holiday experience loaded with history, excellence, and splendor? We surely are! There’s nothing more grand than strolling down the old palaces and castles, discovering secrets of the kings and monarchies of old.

Oh, but don’t worry! We’ll spoil you as well; prepare for pristine Slovenian wine, romantic Danube dinner cruise, and thermal spa, not to mention delicious food to cater to your curious tastes.

This multi city tour packs only the best of the old Monarchy that produced buildings to remind of their glory for centuries to come!

 Europe trip itinerary 10 days (okay, 11 days)

Feel free to have a look at the complete itinerary here, but in short, you can expect to visit the following sights:

  • Day 1: Start of the tour in Vienna
  • Day 2: Vienna tour
  • Day 3: Vienna tour
  • Day 4: Graz- Maribor -Ljubljana
  • Day 5: Ljubljana (Bled and Bohinj day trip)
  • Day 6: Ljubljana (Postojna cave with Predjama castle day trip)
  • Day 7: Ljubljana (day trip to Škocjan caves and Piran)
  • Day 8: Ljubljana – Maribor – Heviz (Hungary)
  • Day 9: Heviz – Tihany – Budapest
  • Day 10: Budapest tour
  • Day 11: tour ends, you’re free to leave us!

Why Vienna Budapest tour:

  • Visit 3 countries (Austria, Slovenia, Hungary)
  • 11 days /10 nights
  • Optional Danube river cruise
  • Slovenian food and wine tasting
  • First class accommodation
  • Modern transportation
  • Local English-speaking guides
  • Active itinerary with unique features

Prepare to be swept away by the melodies of Vienna street musicians and the romantic Danube nights. From the Vienna’s old town to the glorious Schonbrunn palace, to natural phenomena of Vintgar gorge to Tihany Abbey, to the Parliament building in Budapest (which is very impressive), the memories await you to make them.

With our experienced guides and comprehensive tours, you’ll travel with a smaller group, friendly people, with comfort and relaxed atmosphere provided along the way.

Vienna to Trieste in 9 days (yes, it’s not full 10 days)

Vienna, Austria

From the royal Vienna to the Europe’s capital of coffee, Trieste, this tour covers all the best of Vienna and Slovenia. But don’t be fooled; two days in Trieste is more than enough to give you a feel of once grand metropolis.

If coffee is your passion (right after travel), Trieste is the answer. Apart from the fact that the city is all about Italian food, the aperitivos, and leisurely lifestyle, you can visit some of the most scenic and oldest coffee shops while in Trieste. 

Let’s help you trace the road of the old Habsburg Empire step by step and experience the full diversity of the landscape, life, and the people.

Europe trip itinerary 10 days

You can find the full 9-day itinerary here, but in general, you’ll visit the following places:

  • Day 1: Start of the tour in Vienna
  • Day 2: Vienna tour
  • Day 3: Vienna tour
  • Day 4: Graz- Maribor -Ljubljana
  • Day 5: Ljubljana (Bled and Bohinj day trip)
  • Day 6: Ljubljana (Postojna cave with Predjama castle day trip)
  • Day 7: Ljubljana (day trip to Škocjan caves and Piran)
  • Day 8: Trieste tour – Miramare Castle
  • Day 9: Trieste tour ends

Why Vienna Trieste tour:

  • Visit 3 countries (Austria, Slovenia, Italy)
  • 9 days/ 8 nights
  • English speaking local guides
  • Main entrance fees included in the price
  • Wine and beer tasting included
  • Modern transportation

From the old Vienna city center to the charming Miramare castle, you can be sure to experience the best from the destinations on the itinerary. Visit the best of Slovenia, such as lake Bled and Škocjan caves, drink some delicious Italian style coffee in Piazza Unita, and pretend you’re James Joyce while visiting the secret places of Central Europe.

Let us take you on the unforgettable tour with knowledgeable guides that will show you unique gems and quirky sites (such as Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum in Vienna)!

Budapest to Trieste in 9 days (it’s 10, if you explore it on your own)

Trieste, Italy

Diverse, panoramic, and rural, this tour combines a bit of everything. Whether you’re looking for Provence copycat or mighty mountains, thermal baths and underground canyons, small yet vibrant towns, and still have room for a few surprises, Budapest to Trieste tour should be on your list of multi-city Europe vacation packages.

Magnificent Budapest in combination with friendly Ljubljana, and historic Trieste will surely bring out the romantic and the enthusiast in you, leaving you wanting for more Europe, more culture, more coffee, and more amazing experiences you’ll share with your family and friends back home.

Europe trip itinerary 10 days (okay, 9 days)

Have a look at the short version of the itinerary and all the places you’ll visit. For more details, read the full itinerary list here.

  • Day 1: Start of the tour in Budapest
  • Day 2: Budapest tour
  • Day 3: Budapest – Tihany – Hevitz
  • Day 4: Hevitz – Maribor -Ljubljana
  • Day 5: Ljubljana (Bled and Bohinj day trip)
  • Day 6: Ljubljana (Postojna cave with Predjama castle day trip)
  • Day 7: Ljubljana – Škocjan caves – Piran)
  • Day 8: Trieste tour and Miramare castle
  • Day 9: Tour ends in Trieste

Why Budapest Trieste tour:

  • Visit 3 countries (Hungary, Slovenia, and Italy)
  • Small group of max 26 people
  • First class accommodation
  • Detailed itinerary
  • Comfortable transportation
  • 15 meals provided + wine and beer tasting

Between Budapest and Trieste, you’re able to experience all the best the three countries have to offer. True, Trieste may be far from Florence and ancient Rome, but known as the coffee capital of Europe, it hides an undeniable charm.

Our guides provide you with travel tips, inside information about the places, and take you on a few day trips you won’t easily forget!

Frequently Asked Questions about Europe trip packages

We understand that visiting a different continent brings a lot of questions to mind. We’ve gathered only the most common ones and hope to answer them the best we could. Feel free to contact us, if you have any more questions!

Do I need a visa to go to Europe?

No, you don’t. Up to now, American citizens can enter Europe with a passport up to 90 days. The passport has to be valid for at least three months after your departure. You can check more on visa regulations here. Now, if you’re worried about Croatia visa for US citizens, don’t be. You are not required to have it when entering the country for tourism.

How do I plan a trip to Europe from the US?

It’s fairly easy to plan your trip to Europe, but make sure not to forget any details while doing it to make the most of your European vacations:

  1. Prepare your passport (you need a valid passport for Europe and if you don’t have one, waiting to receive it takes time)
  2. Don’t forget your travel insurance
  3. Calculate your budget
  4. Decide on a destination
  5. Browse plain tickets

If you’re booking Europe trip packages, let the tour agency do the rest. If you’re doing it solo, you also need to book hotels, browse local transportation, and make a detailed itinerary. If you’ll drive, you need a valid driver’s license and an international driver’s license as well.

If you decide to visit Slovenia, you can read more about how to get to Slovenia here.

What is the best country to visit in Europe?

You know we can’t possibly answer this one, because it’s too subjective. But we did a bit browsing around and according to European Best Destinations, Slovenia’s lake Bohinj is on to-do list of places to visit in Europe. Along with Vienna, Kotor, and Budapest.

Where should I go in Europe for a week?

Well, we have just presented you with 4 amazing 10 day Europe vacation packages. The options beyond that are endless. Europe may be small, but the sights just never seem to end!

Conclusion on the best multi-country vacations

Central Europe is as diverse as it can be. While still undiscovered, its popularity is slowly growing among the backpackers and the tourists that want to see a new side of Europe, something beyond the magnificent metropoles that fill headlines and blogs with amazing pictures.

Central Europe quieter, more shy, and it kind of holds herself back, even though Croatia has caught the wave of tourism and is proudly riding it. Choose the best vacation package to your liking and prepare to be amazed by something new and different. And we’re not talking just about the people or just about the landscape.

Central Europe is a whole package of amazing that only waits to be discovered. But don’t rush anywhere!

For best effects, do it one step at a time! Why not try with us first?