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Slovenia. You might have heard of it. A nephew of your brother’s daughter was there last year. He talked about good wine, clean sea, and friendly people. But he’s quite adventurous, this nephew. He also swims with the sharks and eats spicy Mexican food from a food truck.

Untrustworthy, this nephew. But his photos from his Slovenia travel were amazing! You need a hassle-free holiday after all. You want tasty, tranquil, and relaxing. Slovenia seems remote enough to have it all, right? You finally cave in and search for: how to get to Slovenia.

Now, before you start calculating Slovenia’s location, the number of borders you’d have to cross, and airports with funky names, let us tell you that it’s quite easy to visit SloveniaAnd there is a way to make it completely stress-free with one of the many Slovenia vacation tours or Europe trip packages!

Read on if you want to broaden your horizons!

Where is Slovenia?

Located in Central Europe, the small country on the green side of the Alps has excellent connections with many European countries. Some of the most popular touristic cities are not that far away (think Venice) and are easily accessible. Even if you wish to stay for a few Slovenia day trips before heading south to the extensive beaches of Croatia, you can easily make the most of your Slovenia travel in just a few days. Squeezed between four neighboring countries (Italy, Austria, Croatia, and Hungary), Slovenia is a very practical starting point for your further exploration of Europe. While it may be small in size (there’s only 2 million of us), the possibilities it offers are endless for any vacation taste and preference!
HOW TO TRAVEL SLOVENIA – pucture of Ljubljana, Slovenia

How to get to Slovenia?

Slovenia can be easily reached from its neighboring countries. Ever since we got the European Union passports, border crossing has been a piece of cake.

In case you’re worried about how to get to Slovenia from US, don’t be. See more below for the complete answer (also visa matter), but bear with me for a minute before scrolling to the bottom.

Let us clarify: you can get to Slovenia directly by flying to Ljubljana airport, located a few kilometers from Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital.

For a more European experience, you can land in one of the three airports surrounding our small gem of a country: Vienna (Austria), Venice (Italy), and Budapest (Hungary).

Now, let us show you how to get to Slovenia and make the most of your Slovenia travel with minimum stress and (more or less) hassle free!


HOW TO TRAVEL SLOVENIA – picture of Bled

How to get to Slovenia from Vienna (Austria)

Vienna is also known as the cultural capital of Europe. Once you’re there, you’ll know why. This romantic yet artistic city is filled with events, history, and books. You’ll hear people playing classical music on the streets of Vienna. This Austrian capital has a special charm of its own. Vibrant, safe, and clean, Vienna is not a place you’d want to miss.

Land in and visit Vienna before you travel to Slovenia with a tour designed especially for you!

You’ll want to visit Vienna before heading further south to Slovenia. But being on vacation, you want to do it stress-free. You can easily do so with our Vienna to Ljubljana (or vice versa) tour. Designed specially for people landing in or taking off from Vienna airport, the tour gives you the best of Vienna and delivers you straight to Ljubljana.


We organize everything for you. Apart from your personal expenses and some other minor payments, we arrange a First Class accommodation, transportation with modern vehicles (all air-conditioned for your maximum comfort), and amazing sightseeing.

You get the chance to see and experience Vienna, get into your holiday mood, and let us do all the worrying. At the end of the tour, we deliver you to Ljubljana, where your Slovenian adventure is waiting for you.

Short on time?

If you’re short on time and want to make the most of your Central/Southern European experience, we’ve got you covered.

We offer longer tours that take you from Vienna to either Hungary, Croatia, or Italy. These are all carefully though and planned tours that make numerous first-hand experiences but without the trouble and unnecessary worries.

Tour: Vienna – Ljubljana – Dubrovnik

During the 13 days, prepare for an ultimate experience that takes you all the way from buzzing Vienna to idyllic Ljubljana, all the way to a medieval citadel of Dubrovnik, Croatia. Did you know Dubrovnik was one of the filming sites of the Game of Thrones series? Now you can see the King’s Landing all by yourself!

Tour: Vienna- Ljubljana –Budapest

Walk through the imperial steps in Vienna, get lost in white streets of Ljubljana, and explore the two banks of the river in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Think 11 days, three capitals, important landmarks, and stories to share once you’re back home!

Tour: Vienna- Ljubljana – Trieste

A European capital of coffee, Trieste is not just a melting pot for many cultures from the South and the North. It is a great starting point for the further exploration of Italy. Also, it’s a popular place for shopping (the Slovenes are regulars there)!

TRAVEL SLOVENIA FROM VIENNA – picture of Horse Carriage Museum in Schoenbrunn, Vienna, Austria
TRAVEL SLOVENIA FROM VIENNA – picture of Schoenbrunn gardens, Vienna, Austria
TRAVEL SLOVENIA FROM VIENNA – picture of Sacher cake that originates from Vienna
TRAVEL SLOVENIA FROM ITALY – picture of Trieste main square at Adriatic sea  

How to get to Slovenia from Budapest (Hungary)

Paris of Eastern Europe, Budapest is a city with a long history. Budapest city is divided in two parts by the Danube river: Buda and Pest. Two different areas, two different characters; Budapest offers a diversity not many cities have. Whether it’s flea stores, palaces, pools, and baths, whatever this capital has in store for you, you’ll have to find out on your own…

But with our help, of course.

Land in and visit Budapest before you travel to Slovenia with a tour designed especially for you!

Budapest is a must if you’re in Hungary. You’ll want to experience the old culture mixed with the modern vibes.

With our Budapest- Ljubljana or Ljubljana- Budapest tour you can visit Budapest and end your tour in Ljubljana! The only thing you need (apart from booking the tour) is your good mood, a selfie-stick, and you’re ready to go!

The tour package provides you with accommodation, transportation, guided tours around Budapest and even a stop at the thermal baths in the Hungarian countryside!

Short on time?

Experience the most with one of our longer tours that give you the best of the three countries completely worry-free!

Tour: Budapest – Ljubljana – Dubrovnik

On a 13-day tour, you’ll be able to experience some of the gems the three countries have to offer. Travel the amazing and iconic sights with this tour. We chose only the best!

Tour: Budapest – Ljubljana – Trieste

Trieste may be close to Slovenia, but this tour lasts for 9 days. That means we’ll show your Budapest and Slovenia quite thoroughly before leaving you in Italy’s coffee capital, which is an excellent point for the further exploration of the country.


TRAVEL SLOVENIA FROM BUDAPEST – picture of Fishermans Bastion in Budapest
TRAVEL SLOVENIA FROM BUDAPEST – picture of Chain Bridge, Hungarian parliament and Danube river in Budapest
TRAVEL SLOVENIA FROM BUDAPEST – picture of a spa in Budapest city center
TRAVEL SLOVENIA FROM ITALY – picture of grand canal in Trieste, Italy

How to get to Slovenia from Venice (Italy)

Venice is a metropolis full of buzz, selfie sticks, and romantic gondolas. It’s a place of tales, beauty, and let’s face it, this city on water is a worldwide attraction. You simply can’t afford to skip it!

Land in and visit Venice before you travel to Slovenia with a tour designed especially for you!

You can reach the romantic city by plane or as a stop on your cruise. Venice can be overwhelming even for the more experienced travelers: the buzz, the people, the noise, it can get ridiculously busy with the 20 million visitors each year!

Crazy, huh? But don’t change your mind just yet! Hop on our Venice tour, make the experience more relaxing and enjoyable. We’ll take care of everything, and on the second day, you’ll be in Ljubljana, enjoying your vacation and planning Slovenia day trips!

Short on time?

If you want to get the most of your trip but don’t have weeks to explore it all, click for the best tours from Venice to Croatia:

Tour: Venice- Ljubljana- Dubrovnik

Are you ready for amazing 10 days, a number of natural phenomena, cultural sights, and a possible jump to Montenegro? All with the First Class accommodation, tasty Slovenian food, wine, and a lot more is covered, offering unique features that will make this tour worth your while! It’s a thorough Italy Croatia travel package and the itinerary covers only the best (we love the breathtaking gem of the Plitvice lakes).

TRAVEL SLOVENIA TO CROATIA – picture of Dubrovnik, Croatia

How to travel Slovenia from Ljubljana airport (how to best experience Slovenia from Ljubljana airport)

Landing in Ljubljana airport, also known as Jože Pučnik airport (unpronounceable, we know!) is an easy way to make as many Slovenia day trips as you’d like. Since it’s relatively well connected to the other major towns, you should have no problem exploring the urban side of Slovenia. If you’re looking for more than just an urban experience, we recommend booking an official tour and make your Slovenia travel experience completely worry-free. We know people enjoy planning their own day trips, but with a slow public transport, you may find yourself stranded in a small town with poor train frequency one time too many! For those of you feeling adventurous, we wish all the best with their Slovenia day trips. For the rest who are in need of a proper vacation and zero stress, we’ll gladly provide you with the best experience, idyllic locations, and unique sights! If Slovenia is something new on your travel list, have a look at our personal selection of the top 10 places to visit in Slovenia. Here’s what we’d recommend: A thorough guided tour of Ljubljana Dive into Ljubljana with our enthusiastic local guide that takes you through the narrow streets, revealing the secrets and beauties behind every corner. With additional surprises, this tour packs all you need to see to fall in love with Ljubljana! Historical Slovenia Are you a history buff? Always on the lookout for unique attractions everywhere you go? Then this Historical Slovenia tour is made just for you! From the bloody footprints of the First World War to the depths of a mercury mine, get ready for a full experience of the strange and unique during the 10-day tour! Leisure Slovenia For those of you who want to experience beauty while in real vacation mode, Leisure Slovenia tour is the one you need. Prepare to experience the highlights of Slovenia while you relax your mind and body. During the 5 days, you’ll be able to experience Slovenia travel attractions form the comfort of our van!
HOW TO GET TO SLOVENIA – picture of Bohinj lake and John the Baptist curch


Basic FAQ on vacations in Slovenia

Since we’ve been getting some questions concerning travel to Slovenia recently, we’ve decided to answer the most popular ones about how to get to Slovenia and spare you the trouble of eternal browsing the Internet!

1.      Is Slovenia safe for Americans?

Whether travelling alone or in groups, Slovenia is one of the safest places you could visit. Yes, you need to look after your possessions when in crowded places. We don’t recommend you flashing your iPad in the middle of the night in dark alleys. But in general, the chance of being robbed is close to none. World Nomads posted an article on safety in Slovenia for more information on the matter. Feel free to look at it here.   

2.      What airlines fly to Slovenia?

Ljubljana airport has relatively good connections with the rest of Europe. You can find a number of different airlines that will deliver you straight to the capital’s front door.

On the other hand, looking for flights to Slovenia from the US may be a bit tricky; there are no direct flights and you’ll have to change planes at some point. If you’re looking how to get to Slovenia from the US, we’d recommend you use one of the international airports near Slovenia (as mentioned before: Vienna, Budapest, Venice, or even Zagreb in Croatia).

Not only does this option enable you to widen your European experience, but it sometimes makes it easier to travel to Slovenia, as there are more flights and enable you more flexibility when it comes to your Europe vacation planner, budget, and itinerary.

For best ideas and results, check an online flight search engine or ask your local travel agency.

3.      Does a US citizen need visa for Slovenia?

USA is on the list of Slovenia visa free countries. That means you can enter the country without a visa, but remember to bring a valid passport with you. What’s more, the overall length of your travel shouldn’t exceed 90 days within a 180-day period. You can read more about the visa at the U.S. Embassy in Slovenia.

4.      Is driving in Slovenia safe?

Yes. The roads are good in general, even though we’d advise you to avoid certain highways during the summer as traffic jams are regularly scheduled on a daily basis (which is one of our favorite reasons to hate Slovenia).

The roads are well marked, but driving regulations are quite strict and not following them can bring you a highly unpleasant fine. You also need a vignette for the car, a valid U.S. driver’s license (if you’re an US citizen) and an international driver’s license.

5.      How long is flight from UK to Slovenia?

If you’re flying in from London or changing planes there, the average time of flight between London and Ljubljana is about 3 hours.

6.      Is Slovenia Russian?

No, it is not. While some people in Slovenia speak Russian (they’ve either studied it or have some links to Russia), Slovenia used to be a part of Yugoslavia. If you look at a map of Europe, you’ll see Slovenia is pretty far away from Russia. We may have based one of Slovenia’s Santa Clauses (yes, we have three of those!) on Slavic legends, but that’s probably the closest link to Russia we have!

7.      What is the best time to visit Slovenia?

That all depends on your priorities. Do you want to enjoy long warm summer nights or would you prefer winter wonderland with short days, December lights, and experience the eternal Slovene confusion?

In general, to get the most of the greenery, the landscape, and beautiful days, the best time to visit Slovenia is somewhere between May and October.

8.      What is Slovenia like?

Slovenes will tell you that Slovenia is a beautiful country and start listing all the negative sides of life in Slovenia. Because we tend to do that quite often and we love to do it over a glass of homemade wine.

But don’t be fooled by that; Slovenia is a unique place that has only recently started to appear on the radar of world travelers and tourist agencies.

Since we can’t really give you an objective answer to that question, make sure to see for yourself, what the famous publishers have to say about Slovenia (if Conde Nast Traveler won’t convince you, maybe Lonely Planet might)!

Conclusion: How to get to Slovenia?

Visiting Slovenia isn’t a mission impossible. It may seem an uncharted territory for you at the moment, but it’s surrounded with world class attractions that you have heard of before. Flying in to an international airport to one of the surrounding countries is easy. What’s more, it’s an excellent starting point for your further exploration of Europe. You can easily go 3 countries in one go with the best European tours 2019.

That is definitely one of the best parts about traveling to Slovenia; you’re right in the middle of Central Europe which enables you to see many places in one go and cross places off your bucket list. We’re happy to help; being a Slovenia travel agency, sharing tips, travel planning, and advice on visiting Slovenia is our passion!

Ready to make incredible memories in Slovenia?

No more excuses! Come to Slovenia – YOU WILL LOVE IT!

Your Go To Slovenia Travel team is here for you.