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Slovenia in the news: through the eyes of famous publishers

Slovenia travel may be on your to-do list, but you’re still undecided. The country is so far off your radar that you have no reliable information about the safety, the food, the people. All you’ve found are some photos of castles and rivers, but some seem badly photoshopped.

Luckily for all of us, Slovenia has caught a few eyes of the famous publishers. It managed to get into the kind of papers that spread the word and the influence.

To ease your decision and calm your doubts, we gathered top 5 articles from the travel world. You’ll be able to find out about the safety, the places, and much more! In case you’re confused about Slovenia’s exact location, head over to our How to get to Slovenia post for a better idea on where and what.

PS: don’t worry about the food. We have McDonalds in case that’s your retreat of despair, but we’re pretty convinced you won’t think about it once you get here.

Have a look for yourself and let the big names do the talking!

5.      Do Slovenia in a week – if you dare.

If you think you can do Slovenia in a week, you’re wrong. That’s what Conde Nast Traveler claims in their article on Why your next European road trip should be in Slovenia.

Slovenia may not be any bigger than New Jersey, but the possibilities it offers to every taste are endless! Let us explain that:

Are you looking for a romantic getaway? Check! It all starts with the capital of Slovenia. Romantic and charming, it will surely spoil you with its riverside bars, cobbled streets, a castle on the hill. We could go on, but…let’s leave something to imagination!

Are you more into nature? Check! Mighty mountains, clear rivers, never-ending hillsides with amazing views, deep forests in the South of Slovenia will impress you, we just now it!

Looking for more unusual sights? Check! If not the medieval tournament or baby dragons, then the Skocjan Caves should definitely make an impression!

The best part about your Slovenia travel experience is that you won’t go hungry. Nor thirsty. Visiting Slovenia can be a rich culinary experience. There’s cheese, prosciutto, seafood, and many local delicacies that are a must!

Okay, let us tell you a secret. We lied a little at the beginning. You can do Slovenia travel in 10 days and we’re here to help! With one of our tours, you can choose the best Slovenian experience to your taste and desire. We promise you won’t regret it!



There are a number of ways to see Slovenia. You can pick any tour that suits your needs. They can be as short as 3 days and going up to 9 days! We cover classic sights that already are on your Slovenia travel list, you just might not know it yet!


If you’re a history aficionado, choose from the Historical 8-day Slovenia tour or Historical 10-day tour. Think castles, remains of the First World War, the oldest town in Slovenia, and much more!

4.      36 hours for Ljubljana is way too much- or is it?

The fame of Slovenia and its green European capital has travelled all across the Atlantic to New York. You just have to stop by in Ljubljana, there is no doubt about it. The old center is quite small though, which is why a lot of people are on the lookout for special sights and activities.

Luckily, you can read about the ideas in the New York Times and their article on What to in the 36 hours in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

In short: think history, greenery, riverbanks with cafes and bars. Think pubs, boutiques, trees, and amazing architecture. It was named Europe’s Green Capital in 2016, but that is even more true now than before.  The center has been turned into a car-free zone where you’ll see many people riding a bicycle, walking with their dogs, friends or lovers.

Everyone enjoys strolling through the center, sitting in a café on a sunny Sunday morning. Be sure to visit the main market, just next to the river. You can choose between many fresh fruit and vegetables the farmers sell there (locally grown tomatoes, anyone?).

What’s best is that Ljubljana is a great starting point for any Slovenia day trip, because the country is so small.

Still unsure about Ljubljana sights? We can help! Hop on one of our tours with a local guide! You want to find out the secrets, legends, and the gossip of this city, don’t you? Now you can!


taste potica nut role during your SLOVENIA TRAVEL 

Our tip: discover Ljubljana with our Slovenian food & wine city walk. Not interested in wine? Go with our beer city walk tour instead! We’ll feed you, guide you, and provide you with a real taste of Ljubljana, just like a local!

What happens if you don’t drink? Well, we’ve got that covered as well! Skip the alcohol and head out to the streets of the White city (as we like to call our beloved capital) with the guided tour of Ljubljana, with a licensed tourist guide that will show you all that brings new and old visitors to return again and again!

3.      Dark secrets of Slovenian undiscovered towns

While the possibilities of Slovenia travel may have stirred your imagination and you’ve considered it as a potential destination, the majority of the country is still undiscovered. Travel + Leisure submitted and article on Exploring Slovenia’s Undiscovered Towns.

Now you’re thinking: Aha, the dark underbelly of this Eastern European country! We encourage you to see for yourself, but in general, get prepared for three things if heading into the unknown:

Firstly, prepare for ridiculously many carefully planted gardens in front of every house. Blooming flowers on windows, in the gardens, on the balconies, terraces, flowers climbing fences, statues, sculptures. Seriously, we love our gardens, pots, and flowers. And we love taking care of them all!

Secondly, travelling on regional roads always has an element of surprise. You can never know what awaits behind the next turn: a castle, a river, an idyllic white church on a hill? These are especially common and typical. Count them if you can, we dare you!

Thirdly, every town, down to the smaller villages have a bar. We love our coffee; we love our wines. And most of all, we love spending free afternoon chatting with friends and neighbors, sitting in a bar, discussing anything from the current politics to a new garden patch.

Travel + Leisure favorite towns? Ljubljana, Ptuj, Bled, and Piran. Are they really worth it? Absolutely. But we can offer more! Are you ready to look behind the scenes?


History in Slovenia

Discover historical towns with our 8-day tour. From the capital, all the way to some undiscovered towns, you’ll be able to enjoy the diversity of regions, towns, and landscapes! We cover Ljubljana, Bled, Piran, and much, much more!


If you want to add Ptuj to your Slovenia travel list as well (as Travel + Leisure suggests), then make sure to hop on our 9-day classic Slovenia tour. Starting in the capital, you’ll be able to visit many Slovenian regions that stretch from the Adriatic Sea, over the mountains, all the way to the tranquil vineyards in the Eastern part of the country.

2.      Join the national sport: to the Alps!

Have you ever seen the Alps? Of course you have. Mighty mountains at least. But you have seen nothing until you visited Slovenia’s Alpine region. It’s breathtaking, even for the locals. But we’re not just talking empty words here. Lonely Planet was very impressed as well. They dedicated an entire article to Eight scenic days in the Slovenian Alps.

If you want to properly experience Slovenia travel, you should join in on our national sport. We do it all the time, everywhere, with anyone. Some do it solo, some do it in a group. It’s ridiculous how much we love hiking. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Sunday, winter, summer, Tuesday, hot or cold. You’ll find Slovenes crawling on the hills, through forests, on the mountains practically all year round.

Saying we love the nature is an understatement. We might be slightly obsessed with it. But we promise, once you stop by, you’ll understand why.

Before you dive in, prepare for crystal clear waters, traces of war and history, waterfalls, mighty views, breathtaking valley, and much more! Feel free to skip Triglav, Slovenia’s highest mountain. Not every Slovene has been to the top, but we’re all equally proud of it!

Can you avoid the full hike? Yes, you can. If you want to go into the mountains, you should do so well-prepared. But we know that not everyone hikes on a weekly basis. That’s why we’re prepared a tour for you. This way you can enjoy the breathtaking sights and still enjoy your leisure holiday!


Visit Bled and admire Julian Alps during Slovenia Travel

You can do Bled and Bohinj in one day. We’ll show you the Alpine gems and bring you back to Ljubljana. It’s a great Slovenia day trip to choose if you’re short on time.


Combine nature with history in our Soča valley full day tour. Or, skip history and get your adrenaline flowing with rafting on the Soča river, our national pride. Ether way, a visit to the area is a must. It’s not just empty words, we guarantee!

1.      A love letter from Slovenia: let’s all move there!

To be honest with you, this might sound a little cheesy. But there is a great chance you’ll fall in love with Slovenia, just like Mr. Noah Charney did. And he wrote all about it in his poetic article explaining Why I fell in love with Slovenia.

Do you think we’re exaggerating? Think again! While Lake Bled may be the most beautiful place in the radius of a few hundred miles, we’ve got more where that came from. Mr. Charney claims Slovenia to be a land of opportunity.

We believe so as well. An opportunity to discover, experience, and make a memory of something new, something extraordinary, something you’ve never seen before.

Noah Charney wrote a book about his experience in Slovenia and he called it Slovenology. Feel free to check it out! He promises to buy you a beer if you ever move here.

We realize that moving countries is a big leap. That’s why we’d like to show you around before you make the big decision. We want you to get the taste you won’t so easily forget. And when you return, perhaps the first glass of wine is on us!

Ljubljana was voted one of the most livable cities around the world. There must be something there…

Your Go To Slovenia Travel team is here for you.